HGTV’s Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer Reveal the Secret to Their Strong AF Marriage

Chelsea Houska Spills on 13-Year-Old Daughter Aubree's Style

As some of the newest faces on the HGTV block, Chelsea Houska DeBoer and husband Cole DeBoer know the importance of having a solid foundation. 

And we don't just mean the houses they revamp in their series Down Home Fab, now in its sophomore season. Seven-plus years into their marriage, the former Teen Mom pair credit their strong AF union to "making everything you do fun," Chelsea told E! News in an exclusive interview. "So even when we are working, it's fun. We try to have a good attitude, positive energy. Like, we're fortunate to get to spend so much time together." 

In fact the two can hardly log enough hours side-by-side, revealing that whenever they're able to sneak away from their current project or the controlled chaos at the South Dakota farmhouse they share with 14-year-old Aubree (Chelsea's daughter with high school ex Adam Lind), Watson, 7, Layne, 5, and Walker, 3, they prefer to recharge together.

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"If you can just have an intentional moment just for lunch even," said Chelsea, "we've definitely tried to do that a lot. And I think that helps." 

But mostly the key to being partners in business and life is to really, really like one another. 

"Once a day, even, I'm like, 'I'm just so thankful for this life,'" Chelsea shared, reflecting on transforming her 10 seasons on MTV's reality juggernaut into a full-on lifestyle empire with the pair's Aubree Says line and recently opened Home by DeBoers decor store. "And that Cole and I get to do this together, I'm always just so thankful." 


Ahead of their 2016 vows, the couple—who met-cute at a gas station of all places—received the typical well-meaning marital advice. 

"They say marriage is so hard," noted Cole. "But my biggest piece of advice is, 'Don't be selfish.' If you love this person, you can grow with this person and enjoy life. So it's really not hard. You're living life with your best friend." 

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And, sure, sometimes even besties fight. "Do we argue and get annoyed of each other? Yes," acknowledged Chelsea. "I mean, we're together all the time." 

But all it takes is for one of them to crack a joke about the situation and they're back to finding the fun. "You just have to be open," noted Cole, "and you have to be able to laugh."

And every now and then, you've got to take a moment to admire everything you've built. 

That means their family of course, Chelsea raving about her "very creative" teen Aubree and her "little old man" Watson, who relaxes by building things or enjoying a round of golf. "He's so smart and he will sit and build Legos forever," she raved. "He's very quiet sitting by himself." 

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Then there's the family "Layniac" who, at 5, is "a nutso," joked Chelsea, "but she's so fun. She's always running around the farm. And she's the one that picks up every animal we have." And finally the baby of the group, Walker, who's just happy to be included with her older siblings. 

The former MTV stars also appreciate everything they've quite literally built from their modern farmhouse to each of the glow ups featured on their HGTV series. 

"Our kids are very involved, and they get to see our projects," noted Chelsea. "And I think that's something cool that we get to share, like, look what Mom and Dad are doing, and doing together." 

Because for the pair, their teamwork is truly what makes their dreams work. "We're creating so many awesome projects and working with so many amazing people," said Cole. "But being able to do that with Chelsea has made it even better."คำพูดจาก เว็บสล็อต777

And they're not the only Teen Mom stars who have built a truly solid foundation. Check in with the rest of the standouts from the MTV franchise. 

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