Australia’s consumer spending sends upbeat message

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ data on Tuesday showed retail sales rose 0.6 percent in May, beating expectations for a meagre 0.2 percent increase. It also follows a solid 1.0 percent jump in April, marking the best two months of sales since end-2013.The data will comfort the country’s central bank which had feared ballooning debt in the red-hot property sector was pinching consumers’ abi…

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Coronavirus must not stymie global tax reform, German minister says

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is developing rules to make digital companies pay tax where they do business, rather than where they register subsidiaries.This could boost national tax revenues by a total of $100 billion a year, the OECD estimates.But the coronavirus crisis and forecasts of a deep recession in many industralized nations have cast doubt on the OE…

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Crossrail’s Bond Street delay is blow to retail

The much-delayed project had been expected to deliver many million of extra visitors directly to Oxford Street’s busiest section, as well as to Bond Street. But slower-than-expected construction due to logistical issues and the pandemic has been an issue. The Elizabeth Line will open within the next few months, passing directly under Oxford Street. But delays to the construction of it saw it…

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French online retail sales rose 13 percent in Q1, Amazon makes in-roads

Amazon bought grocery chain Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion last year, and expectations that Amazon could focus next on Europe have spurred France’s top retail companies to improve their own online offerings.The Fevad federation said on Thursday that some 37.4 million people made online purchases in the quarter, an increase of 893,000 from a year ago.คำพูดจาก Read more

Fashion’s green future of seaweed coats and mushroom shoes

Change is urgently needed, since the industry consumes 93 billion cubic metres of water per year, dumps 500,000 tonnes of plastic microfibres into the ocean, and accounts for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.The growing demands for change have generated ingenious responses, such as New York designer Charlotte McCurdy’s seaweed raincoat.


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Launchmetrics CEO- -The luxury industry has handed over content creation to influencers- What will the fresh funds enable Launchmetrics to do?Michael Jais: We have three objectives. First of all, we want to strengthen our technological capabilities. As we helped brands work with influencers, we built up a huge mass of data, which is absolutely unique in the world of fashion and which we haven’t truly exploited yet. It can ena…

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company voluntarily issues another recall

Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer for the company, made an almost three-minute video apology on the company’s website, stating “Honesty and transparency are the foundation of the Honest Company, and if we can’t live up to the expectations we’ve set, we’re committed to letting you know.” Holding what appears to be a contaminated wipe, Gavigan goes on to explai…

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Malls bounce back in January as UK footfall decline slows down

The company said January “brought some stability for bricks and mortar stores,” with a drop in footfall of just 0.5% year-on-year this time after it had fallen 0.7% in January 2019.This was also reinforced by an improvement in shop vacancies, with the rate of 9.8% being the lowest for a year, and below January 2019’s 9.9%.คำพูดจาก Read more

Ebay sees UK buyer and seller surge due to lockdown

The online marketplace said even big fashion brands are creating accounts to clear spring stock and generate some revenues while stores remain closed. As many as 80 brands have already signed up, with more expected to join in the coming weeks, according to Rob Hattrell, VP of Ebay UK.Online shopping has become the only way for non-essential retail to continue operating during the Covid-19 crisi…

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